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In order to find an explanation for your complaints and to do the best for you, we focus on 3 main approaches. First you will be informes about the current research results and therapy guidelines. I add to this my personal knowledge and the experience I have gained. Thirdly your values ​​and individual wishes have to be included.


You will be involved as a patient in the treatment process and the discussion of the therapeutic possibilities and the setting of treatment goals will always decided together. It's about saying what you think and feel. Existing findings are used or further diagnostics are carried out if necessary. The bringing together of various specialist medical reports and the coordination of individual special treatments is also part of your support.


Due to my extensive training, you have the certainty that you have been clarified according to conventional medicine and that there are additional holistic medical therapeutic options available. In summary, I try to discuss your concerns in a pleasant atmosphere and with enough time in order to find the best solution for you.

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