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General medical practice and home visits

The entire range of services with blood tests, vaccination advice / vaccinations, infiltrations, infusions as well as suturing and dressing / changing is available. Prescriptions and referrals to specialists (e.g. MR referrals) and other therapists (e.g. physiotherapy) are issued. Laboratory controls including the determination of various special parameters for allergy diagnostics, vitamins, trace elements, vaccination titers and others are possible.
Advice is drawn up on the preparation of advance directives and these can be set up in the ordination.

Preventive medical check-up

The preventive medical check-up can be taken once a year. This is free of charge for patients and is directly charged from to the health insurance company.

Driver's license examination / fitness for sports

Confirmations for the driver's license and certificates for fitness for sports are issued. Submitting spa applications and sick leave is also part of the ordination's services.

selected services
  • Body acupuncture

  • Ear acupuncture

  • Antroposophic medicine and mistletoe therapy

  • Muscle function test

  • Training advice and planning

  • Pain therapy

  • Vaccination titers and allergy diagnostics

  • Consumption analysis and antioxidants

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