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Günter POLT


general practitioner, sports scientist


specialization in palliative medicine,
medical trainings therapy


lecturer at the medical university


expert, consulter, speaker


Studied human medicine at the Medical University of Graz (degree:
Diplomas from the Austrian Medical Association: emergency doctor, palliative medicine, acupuncture, school doctor, advanced training


Studied sports science (focus on prevention) at the KarlFranzens University in Graz and the LeopoldFranzens University in Innsbruck (degree: Mag.phil.)


Studied mathematics and physical training at the KarlFranzens University in Graz and performing geometry at the Technical University in Graz (degree: Mag.rer.nat.)


Study of palliative medicine at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg (degree: MSc)


Instructor training for bodybuilding and fitness instructor for adults at the Federal Institute for Physical Education Graz


Train the Trainer training at WIFI Styria


Officer training with the Austrian Armed Forces

Work experience

Lecturer at the Medical University of Graz since 2016


Co-opted board member in an advisory capacity of the scientific academy for preventive medicine since 2015 and member of the AG Ethics in Palliative Care of the Austrian Palliative Society since 2016


State School Doctor of Styria (at the Directorate of Education for Styria) since 2014


Private surgery with focus on medical training therapy since 2012 (cooperation with Kieser-Training-Graz)


Expert activity for the Pension Insurance Agency for Styria since 2010 and other social insurance institutions


Doctor in the mobile palliative care team Hartberg / Weiz at the internal department of the LKH Hartberg since 2010
(Hildegard Teuschl PriZe 2015 for scientific achievements and innovative projects in hospice and palliative care; poster prize for scientific work at the 7th Austrian Interprofessional Palliative Congress 2019)


Medical surgery for general medicine in Graz since 2009


Trainer in adult education at WIFI Styria since 2004 and medical director of various health training courses at WIFI Styria
(WIFI Trainer Award 2006: Best WIFI Trainer Austria; development and management of the Weight Management course in 2013 as well as Lifestyle and Weight Loss course in 2018)

1998-2005 teaching at BRG Körösistraße and BG / BRG Kirchengasse
(Award by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture 2004: Austria's most active and sport-friendly school; Gut Drauf Health Award 2005 of the Austrian Youth Red Cross)


2004 - 2008 Head of a multi-year health project funded by the Province of Styria for 10 to 11 year old high school students and their parents, with a special focus on overweight children


2005 - 2009 regular training at the LKH Feldbach, LKH Knittelfeld and at the medical university clinic Graz


2009 - 2010 "Plasmapheresis doctor" in donation centers in Graz and Leoben


2010 - 2015 work as a school doctor at 2 Graz schools


2011 - 2012 Project management of the health project "Discover what you eat" funded by the Province of Styria at two school locations in Graz


2011 - 2015 project doctor, speaker and consultant at green beat - institute for nutrient research and sports nutrition

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