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costs / billing

Billing at the doctor of choice

The difference between a doctor of choice and a doctor (e-card) is simplified as follows:
At the health insurance company, your health insurance fund will first cover the medical costs and then charge you a deductible.
At the doctor of choice, you pay first yourself and then get a portion of the costs back from your health insurance.


After treatment, you will receive a ready-made return application for submission to your statutory health insurance. The amount of the reimbursement may differ depending on the applicable tariff rates of the various insurance companies.

Since ordinations and consultations are often complex, please ask if you are unsure about the costs to be expected before ordination. They are based on the private medical fee schedule of the Styrian Medical Association.


Health examinations (preventive examinations) are charged directly to the insurance for all health insurance companies and there are no costs for you.
Expert reports are generally not taken over by the health insurance and are always invoiced to the client.

Bank details

Financial institution: easybank
Wording: Dr. Günter Polt
IBAN: AT98 1420 0200 1156 0963
BIC / Swiftcode: EASYATW1

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